Masonry is the Prototype JS port of jQuery Masonry by David DeSandro.

This button demonstrates how to append new content to a layout using Masonry. Each time this button is clicked, new box elements are created, wrapped in an unstyled div. This content is first appended to the wrapping container, then the boxes are rearranged with a Masonry() call. appendedContent was the only option to specify since Masonry saves all previous options. Using appendedContent, the Masonry script saves some processing time as it only rearranges the box(es) inside that appended container.

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This is the box with no width set

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Finally, using the callback function, the new boxes are dynamically styled.

document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {
	new Masonry($('primary_masonry'),{columnWidth: 100, itemSelector: '.box'});
	$('append_primary').observe('click', function() {
		var moreContent = makeNewBoxes(3);
		$('primary_masonry').insert({bottom: moreContent});
		new Masonry($('primary_masonry'),{ appendedContent: moreContent },
			function(){ if(this != undefined){
					el.setStyle({background: '#222', color: '#EEE' });